Jerome - Eric Dysart

Eric DySart portraing Jerome in Musical-Film 'In the Night' Favorite Film / T.V. / Broadway / Regional roles include:
- NBC’s “30 Rock” as Alan Garkel (Episode #521,522, Episode #20)
- “Law and Order” (directed by Mario Van Peebles) as Sybil
- Cartoon Networks “Thumb Wrestling Federation” as Chef Pierre, Wasabi, Pinkie
- “The Art of Public Speaking” (post production) as Host, McGraw-Hill Publishing
- “Hairspray” Seaweed /standby (ORIGINAL BROADWAY CAST)
- “A Chorus Line” (BROADWAY REVIVAL CAST) principal standby for the roles of Mark, Ritchie, Paul and Larry
- “Fame The Musical” (2010 ASIAN TOUR) Tyrone
- “Sophisticated Ladies” (European Tour with Dee Dee Bridge water)
- “Twelfth Night” (Off-Broadway) as Feste, Frog and Peach Shakespeare Theatre Company/ All male Principal Standby
- “Sears” National Commercial, Principal
- “A Partnership for a Drug Free America”, Principal.

Eric’s Hint:
The week before she auditioned for In the Night, our Jane visited a psychic who told her she would be extensively involved in work with Europe this year. Sounds like the psychic got one right! Stay tuned next week to find out who she is . . .